Questions for future research

Range of expression

What is the range of expression of CD30 (% cells positive and intensity) in lymphoma, leukemia, myeloma and solid tumors; autoimmune and inflammatory disorders; and viral infection?

Clinical implications

What are the clinical implications of the intensity of CD30 staining and the percentage of positive cells?

Serum levels

To what extent do serum levels of sCD30 represent an independent predictor of disease progression and prognosis in various conditions?

Cause or effect

Are sCD30 levels the cause or the effect of pathology?


What causes upregulation of CD30 in activated and virally infected lymphocytes?

Virally induced cancers

Is CD30 expression associated with virally induced cancers?

Transformation or bystander protein

Why is CD30 expressed aberrantly on tumor cells: is it part of the malignant transformation or just a bystander protein?

Detection reagents

What are the best reagents for detection of CD30?


How is CD30 trafficked and recycled to the cell surface?


What role does CD30 play in the pathophysiology of various tumor types, autoimmune and inflammatory disorders and viral infection?